This web site has been created for the descendants of Robert Slimmon (b.~1790) and Helen Lindsay (b.~1790) whose resting place is a tiny, walled rural cemetery in Quothquan, Biggar, Lanarkshire, Scotland.

Note: If you click on this cemetery link and zoom in on Google Street View, you can make out the top of Robert and Helen's grave marker just above the stone wall, third from the right as you look through the opening in the trees. It is the one with the stone cap as depicted in the photo on the left in the header above.

In advance of the 2013 Slimmon Family Tour of Scotland and France, Google Maps was used to provide relevant locations in Scotland, some of which were visited during the tour. (View Map)

A series of photos from the 2013 tour can be viewed here. Photos from "Slimmon Day" in Scotland (June 15, 2013) are #'s 180 - 209 and those from "Slimmon Day in France" (June 19, 2013) are #'s 263 - 296.