The Slimmon Tree

This is the on-line version of the descendancy tree of Robert Slimmon and Helen Lindsay. The numbers preceding each name represents the birth order in the descendancy. The first number is always 1 and represents Robert Slimmon (born ~1790). The second number represents the birth order of Robert's children. The third number represents the birth order of Robert's children's children and so on. The number therefore represents (reading from right to left) the fourth child of the third child of the second child of Robert.

This numbering system was used to organize the Slimmon family history book first published for the 2007 reunion in Ontario and which is being developed as a collaborative effort by all of Robert and Helen's descendants.

Biographical information for each of the first three generations can be found by clicking on the name of that member of the family tree. Family members who have additional details, corrections, photos etc are encouraged to contact me so these biographical sketches can be expanded and corrected.

The next stage will be to begin filling out the biographical details for generation four. Here too, photos, biographical notes, stories etc can be forwarded to me for development of their biographies.

<<< NEW>>> Information about all generation-four family members and their descendants has been moved to a new on-line genealogy program that makes it easier to add, update and expand information on those members of the Slimmon Tree. This service requires a User ID and Password that you get to choose when you apply for a user account.

Once approved, your user account will give you as much access and update ability as you are approved for. For example, you may only be given rights to see information on deceased members. Or you might want to have rights to add and update information, photos, documents etc to all members of a particular branch of the tree. You can even be permitted to edit one branch of the tree while only being able to view information from all other branches of the tree. This provides wider access while spreading the work of maintaining the tree to any number of interested members.

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1 Robert Slimmon (67) - circa.1790