2018 Reunion

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The 2018 Slimmon Family Reunion was held on August 3, 4 & 5 at the Delta Hotels Guelph Conference Centre, Guelph, Ontario. It was hosted by Tannis Slimmon and her organizing team consisting of Grant and Charlene Bernhardt, Kathy and Gerry Blom, and Jim and Susan Slimmon, along with great help from Lewis Melville, Barbara Johnson, Grant Scott, Janine Anderson, Gerald Slimmon, Wendy Slimmon, Trevor Slimmon, and Carl and Maggie Shiels.

Thanks also to Suzanna Brubacher & family and William Bauman for our visit to the original Slimmon farm.

(All photos courtesy of Trevor Slimmon)

Group Photo

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Photo Key

Friday Registration

Name tags ready for Slimmon cousins

The Registrars

The "Banjo Mechanics" (Lewis Melville & Ian Pattison)

Saturday a.m. Seminar

Preaching to "The Choir"

"The Choir"

Saturday Tour

Bus Driver Jim

Tour Guide Tannis

... and we're off!

First Stop - the famous and picturesque Elora Mill

Down stream from the mill

Local 'boy' takes us for a walk down 'Memory Lane'

Lunch at the Elora Library

A quick stop at the old quarry. Sure was temping on such a hot day

Ladies in hats: Wendy Slimmon & Susan Slimmon

The last covered bridge in Ontario

Rest stop and ice cream break

Our very own Trudeaus: Jeff & Karen

A visit to the historic John Slimmon farm

Reviewing recorded history with the current owner

Hangin' out in the shade of the barn: Grant Scott, Bill Snyders, Jeff Jones, Debby Jones-Snyders (standing); Eleanor Jones (seated)

Manitoba Slimmons: Joan Parthenay, Lois Johnston, Elaine Dale, Shirley Gibson, Wendy Wileman, Allan Preston

Ladies in shades: Mary Slimmon, Maggie Shiels, Diane Bownes

Rememberances at the Hollen Cemetery

Slimmon kids: Trevor, Tannis & Wendy

Remembering William Slimmon (1847 - 1924) & Charlotte Manelle (1848 - 1920)

Remembering Robert Slimmon (1842 - 1925) & Ellen Waldie (1845 - 1928)

Saturday Evening Banquet

Janine Anderson's now-famous Family Tree Quilt

Slimmon Family Memorabilia

"Where am I on the tree?"

Tannis formally 'kicks off' the Saturday Evening Banquet

Jeff Scott asks the blessing

Janine Anderson and her father - the 'Everready Rabbit' - Grant Scott

Brooke Young & Mary Slimmon (standing)
Gary & Diane Slimmon (seated)

Jean & Don Slimmon

The Manitoba delegation and 2021 Reunion Hosts:
Wendy Wileman, Elaine Dale, Allan Preston, Joan Parthenay (standing)
Lois Johnston, Sharon Preston, Shirley Gibson (seated)

The Wendys

Carol & Gary Lauber

Udi & Jeff Scott

Four Generations:
Melanie Luke, Reed Luke, Madeline Luke, Bryan Luke (standing)
(aunt) Elaine Dale, Joan Parthenay (seated)

Elaine Dale, Grant Scott, Gerald Slimmon (standing)
Barb Johnson, Eleanor Jones (seated)

Charlene Bernhardt leads a sing-along

Always a highlight - Lewis & Tannis perform

Some special pickin' by Lewis

Descendants of John Slimmon (1818) (click to enlarge)

Descendants of Robert Slimmon (1818) (click to enlarge)

Descendants of William Slimmon (~1828) - Four Generations (click to enlarge)

Blowing bubbles for the Canadian Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation (click to enlarge)