2011 Reunion

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The 2011 Slimmon Family Reunion was held in Regina and the Longlaketon District (north of Craven) on August 5 - 7

Group Photo

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Photo Key

Photos by Grant Bernhardt

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Grant Bernhardt & Lewis Melville

Grant Bernhardt & Grant Scott

Charlene Bernhardt & Susan Slimmon

Susan & Jim Slimmon

Carl Shiels & Joanne Olecko

"Land of Living Skies" - Sample 1 (of Millions)

"Land of Living Skies" - Sample 2 (of Millions)

"Land of Living Skies" - Sample 3 (of Millions)

Jennie (Slemmon)( & Jim Shiels' Eaton Catalogue Home

Burnside School

Burnside School - Dedication Plaque

Longlaketon Cemetery

Jennie (Slemmon)( & Jim Shiels Memorial Stone

John Slemmon (Slimmon)(1.3.4) and Mary Wilson Grave Stone

Leonard ( and Hilda (Kerley) Shiels Grave Stone

Ken Morrison, Grant Scott, Barb Morrison

Lesley & Grant Montgomery

Jim Thibodeau - Reminiscences of Jennie Slemmon

Marguerite Cory - Reminiscences of John Gladstone Slimmon's Eatons Catalogue Home

The Slimmon 'Sisters' - Dianne, Wendy, Ina, Tannis

Wendy & Ina Slimmon

Jackie Collins - "St. Peter at the Gate" by Francis Colbert

Tannis Slimmon

Barbara Johnson - Reciting "Bessie's Boil" by Robert Service

Barb & Ken Morrison

Bob & Dianne Bownes

Mary & Tom Slimmon

Jack Slimmon & Dolores Ouelette

Sharon & Dale Slimmon

Al & Carol Slimmon

Sharon & Allan Preston

Elaine Dale, Lois Johnston, Shirley Gibson

Doreen Mansell, Marilynn Foster

Murray and Barbara Johnson

Earl & Bonnie Slimmon

Jackie & Rick Collins

Jim & Ann Thibodeau

Garry Tronnes & Irene Linzmayer

Joanne Olecko & Sandra Shiels

Marguerite & Gene Cory

Katie, Andrew, Arlene & Bill Slimmon

Maggie & Carl Shiels

Kathy & Wes Slimmon

Jim & Susan Slimmon

Gerry & Kathy Blom

Jana, Kevin, Robin, Brooke & Sharon Ham, Taiya Hands

Tannis Slimmon & Lewis Melville

Tannis, Ina, Dianne & Wendy Slimmon

Grant Scott & Janine Anderson

Jerrilynn & Dwayne Veitch

Warren & Wanda Shiels

Tom Shiels

David, Danton & Lisa Shiels

Robyn Ham, Graydon Hands, Jana Ham & Brook Ham
Tayai & Tanner Hands

Janine Anderson's Family Tree Quilt

Tannis Slimmon

Lewis Melville

Lesley & Grant Montgomery

Grant & Charlene Bernhardt

Photos by Tom Shiels

Shirley Gibson & Sharon Preston, Allan Preston in background

Jana Hands
Tanner Hands & Taiya Hands

Dianne & Bob Bownes

Wendy Slimmon, Irene Linzmayer & Dianne Slimmon at the Eatons Catalogue Home

Part of the Longlaketon United Church Ladies Aid: Brenda Small, Jan Rich & Evelyn Small

A "June Social in August" at the Longlaketon United Church, August 6, 2011

Photos by Jack Slimmon

First Cousins (their fathers were brothers) and Siblings from the branch:

[Back row]: Earl & Dale Slimmon (brothers)

[Front row]: Wesley Slimmon, Jack Slimmon, Dianne (Slimmon) Bownes, Tom Slimmon, Bill Slimmon (Dianne, Jack & Tom are sister and brothers)

First Cousins & Partners from the branch:

[Back row]: Jack Slimmon, Wes Slimmon, Earl Slimmon, Bob Bownes, Dale Slimmon, Bill Slimmon, Tom Slimmon

[Front row]: Dolores Ouellet, Kathy Slimmon, Bonnie Slimmon, Dianne (Slimmon) Bownes, Sharon Slimmon, Arlene Slimmon, Mary Slimmon