2003 Reunion

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The 2003 Slimmon Family Reunion was held in Stoughton, SK and hosted by the Stoughton Slimmons - Dale, Sharon, Earl & Bonnie.


The Sign to the 2003 Slimmon Reunion

James Robert Slimmon and Hilda Grace Irvin Memorial

The Local Church

Laverne Slimmon, Tom Slimmon, Dale Slimmon, Betty Slimmon, Carole Slimmon

Laverne Slimmon, Murray Johnson, Jack Scott, u.k., Elaine Dale

u.k., Cathy Slimmon, Jack Scott, Alan Slimmon, Wes Slimmon, u.k.

Marguerite Cory, Kathy Blom, Gerry Blom, Wes Slimmon, Alan Slimmon, Mary Slimmon, Murray Johnson, Elaine Dale, Doreen Mansell, Marilyn Foster, Gene Cory

Gerry Blom, Elaine Dale, Greg Dale, Jack Scott, Alan Slimmon, Grant Scott

Carole Slimmon, Carl Shiels, Tom Slimmon

Cathy Slimmon, Jeff Scott, Laverne Slimmon

Barb Johnson, Alan Slimmon, Carole Slimmom

Murray Johnson, Barb Johnson, Gerry Blom, Grant Scott, Jeff Scott, Marilyn Foster, Kathy Blom, Jack Scott, Doreen Mansell

Joan Lake, Betty Slimmon, Greg Dale, Marguerite Cory, Elaine Dale, u.k., Laverne Slimmon, Gene Cory, Greg Dale's three sons

u.k., Margaret Shiels, Carl Shiels, Dale Slimmon, Earl Slimmon, u.k., u.k.
u.k., Bonnie Slimmon, u.k., Sharon Slimmon, u.k., u.k., u.k.
u.k., u.k.

Dianne Bownes, Tom Slimmon, Wes Slimmon, u.k., Alan Slimmon,
Carole Slimmon
Bob Bownes, u.k., Mary Slimmon, Cathy Slimmon

Sharon Slimmon, Dale Slimmon

Tom Slimmon, Dianne Bownes, Wes Slimmon, Earl Slimmon
u.k., Dale Slimmon, u.k.