1999 Reunion

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The third Slimmon Family Reunion was intended to celebrate the 155th anniversary of the arrival in Canada of the Slimmon brothers*. It was held in Calgary on July 2, 3, 4, 1999.

The original organizing committee included Tom & Mary Slimmon, Wes & Kathy Slimmon and Al & Carole Slimmon. They were also assisted by Kirk & Michelle Morrison.

The theme of the reunion was, "There are no strangers here - only friends who haven't met!

* It was later learned that only John Slimmon (1.2) came to Canada in 1844. His twin brother Robert (1.3) came sometime between 1851 and 1856.

Photos by Alan & Carol Slimmon

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Tom Slimmon Family Members (Photo Key) (Name Key)

Ontario cousins (Photo Key) (Name Key)

Jean Mudd, Grant Scott, Al Slimmon, John Slimmon, Ken Morrison, Jack Scott, Barbara Johnson, Elaine Dale

Don Slimmon, Marilyn Foster, Wayne Foster
Doreen Mansell, Neil Foster, Stella Slimmon

Tom Slimmon, Dianne Bownes, Earl Slimmon, Margaret Eckert, Wes Slimmon, Linda Stewart, Dale Slimmon, Jack Slimmon

Bonnie Slimmon, Bryan Gould , Earl Slimmon, Mary Slimmon, Rick Bownes, Linda Stewart, Jeff Slimmon, Lisa Gould

Bryan Gould, Bonnie Slimmon, Earl Slimmon, Linda Stewart

Garry Smith, Sharla Smith, Charlene Smith, Don Campbell, Alberta Lyons, Lorna Smith

Grant & Dorothy Scott

Grant Bernhardt, Charlene Bernhardt, Gerry Blom, Kathryn Blom, Sheryl Davidson, Lauren Davidson, Kristian Davidson, Steve Slimmon, Gina Slimmon

Linda Stewart, York Stewart, Barbara Morrison, Ken Morrison, Sharon Slimmon, Dale Slimmon

Mary Slimmon, Dianne Bownes, Margaret Eckert, Bob Bownes, Bonnie Slimmon, Earl Slimmon, Jack Slimmon, Dolores Ouellet

R.D. Slemmons, Doug Slemmons, Marlene Slemmons, Matt Foster, Neil Foster, Jean Mudd

Robert Morrison, Andrew Morrison, Michelle Morrison, Barbara Morrison, Ken Morrison, Al Slimmon, Carole Slimmon, Kirk Morrison

Sharon and Jana Ham, Dominique Gomes, Michael Sommerville, Jana Hands, Gord Hands, John Slimmon, Dianne Gomes, Madelaine Gomes, Kevin Ham


Andrew Morrison, Rob Morrison, Neil Foster