1994 Reunion

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The 1994 reunion was held at the Holiday Inn in Cambridge, ON in early July. Organizers for that event were Jim & Susan Slimmon, Barb & Murray Johnson, Grant Scott, Dorothy Mansell and Marilyn Foster.


Doreen Mansell at registration Desk

Kathy Blom, Marlene Slemmons, Laura Slimmon, George Mansell

U.K., Murray Johnson, U.K., George Mansell, Douglas Slemmons, William Joseph, Glenora Slimmon

Laverne Slimmon, Jim Slimmon, U.K., Murray Johnson

Jim Slimmon, Kathy Blom, Susan Slimmon, Laura Slimmon

George Cress, Grant Scott, Brian Lyons, Alberta Lyons, Bernice Cress, Marlene Slemmons

Wes Slimmon, Dale Slimmon, William Joseph, Alberta Lyons, Betty Slimmon, Sharon Slimmon, Bernice Cress

Earl Slimmon, Bonnie Slimmon, Dale Slimmon, Sharon Slimmon, Tom Slimmon, Mary Slimmon
Doreen Mansell, George Mansell, Betty Slimmon, Laverne Slimmon

Wes Slimmon, Kelly Slimmon, Kathy Slimmon, Kerri Slimmon, Doreen Mansell

Jim Slimmon, Glenora Slimmon, Don Slimmon, U.K.

Linda Lyons, Claire Montgomery, U.K., Lesley Montgomery, Ken Johnson, Barb Johnson, Grant Montgomery
Grace Highet, Stuart Highet

George Mansell, William Joseph, Marjorie Joseph, U.K., Jim Slimmon

Sharon Slimmon, Dale Slimmon, Betty Slimmon, Grace Highet, Stuart Highet, U.K.

Gerald Slimmon, Barb Johnson, Grant Scott, Eleanor (Slimmon) Jones, Ken Morrison, Laverne Slimmon

Brian Lyons, George Mansell, Doreen Mansell

Jim Slimmon, Susan Slimmon, Linda Lyons

Dorothy Scott, Murray Johnson, Tom Slimmon

Alberta Lyons, Brian Lyons, Linda Lyons, Murray Johnson, Barb Johnson, Jim Slimmon
Glenora Slimmon, Don Slimmon, Stuart Highet, Grace Slimmon Highet

Graham Burrow, Heather Burrow, Janine Anderson, Tom Anderson, Megan Connolly, Stephanie Scott, Udi Scott, Sarah Scott, Grant Scott, Jeff Scott
Shaun Connolly, Dorothy Scott, Susi Scott, Kerri McIntosh, Bradley McIntosh, Liz McIntosh, Katie Anderson, Brian Anderson

Jim Slimmon, Laura Slimmon, Susan Slimmon

Wm Slimmon Branch - Douglas Slemmons (Sandy Hook MB), Jean Rabb

Shadehaven Farm where John and Susan Slimmon lived with their 9 children and John's aunt and uncle Elizabeth and John Watson (sister and brother).

The following people were all born and raised in this house: Agnes Morrison, Gladys Cromar, Jean Scott, Jim Slimmon

Ken Morrison, Barb Johnson, Grant Scott, Laverne Slimmon, + owners of farm at the time photo was taken

Gladys Slimmon taught here 1920 to 1922. It is now a Mennonite Separate School.
S.S.#5 Peel Township. All of John & Soonie’s children attended this school.

Hollen Cemetery

James Slimmon’s grave marker

John Slimmon’s grave marker

Ontario’s only covered bridge at – West Montrose